Come to work,
Stay for the experiences,
Revel in the culture.

As darkness fell, hunters would gather back at camp to share spoils, celebrate, review the day and strategize. Hunters Paradise Cottages offers a place for guests to do all this, today.


Located 1KM from the Gulf Energy petrol station in bustling Kanduyi, Hunters Paradise Cottages is an unexpected surprise for all the right reasons. We believe that the finer things Kenya has to offer shouldn’t be restricted to the big cities, coastal shores or wild savannas. With a little creativity and a big dream, we’ve made excellence a reality in one of Kenya’s unexplored regions.

Here you can meet, work, stay, explore, indulge, celebrate and rejuvenate. Our friendly staff are the best of the best. Happy to help, always with a smile.

We intentionally want our spaces to be fully accessible. We’ve implemented measures to make movement easy for all and continue to find ways to make the Hunters Paradise experience more and more accessible.

We pride ourselves on being rich in culture. An escape from the blandness of the norm. There is so much to see and take in during your stay. From the colourful art hanging on the curved walls, to the flavourful food in Ekwena, curated excursions by Hunters Experiences, and of course, the charm of our traditional cottages. It all weaves and intertwines into the story of who we are. We hope our story can be a piece of your story too—whether you stay with us for a night or a month!